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If you’ve got a love for cinema and a burning desire to write about it, please feel free to send us a guest piece! The guest piece should be fully fleshed out and edited, ready to be published. It should be written originally (by you, for us), and not available anywhere else online. At least one large (greater than 612 pixels width) picture should be included, but you can also include 3-4 large images with your piece as well. At Cinapse our reviews and editorials are more thoughtful in tone and rarely quick news posts or Hollywood rumors and scoops. So a good 600-1200 word essay would fit right in with our team’s work. Please do your research, as well. We’re interested in films and topics that haven’t already been heavily covered on our site. Note that Guest Submissions are not guaranteed to be published, but who knows where your contribution might lead? We would love to hear from you.

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If you like what we do, we’d love it if you supported us with your dollars. Any donations will go directly to work on the site, and will help continue making Cinapse a mandatory destination for film fans. Or, if you want to monetarily support us in a more indirect manner, if you visit Amazon using the following link and make a purchase, a percentage of that will go to Cinapse! (Buy stuff from Amazon, help Cinapse!)

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