The COBRA Connection – New Blu-ray Releases for December 6, 2016


Cult Of Blu-Ray Addicts
The COBRA Connection is the connection for your collection! A niche-focused listing of new and exclusive domestic (US) Blu-ray releases. There are a lot of sites out there that list the major new releases, but we’re more interested in more collectable fare such as retailer exclusives, boutique distributors, limited editions, and the “best” editions of any particular new release. We’re Blu-ray focused but may include the odd DVD. Links point to Amazon where applicable or retailer/distributor websites as needed.

I’m a little too rushed to give much of an intro this week so without further ado, here’s what’s new on Blu!

See something missing? Thoughts on the column or format? Hit us up in the comments!


Harry Potter Steelbook Collection (12/4)
Best Buy – Best Buy Exclusive

Jason Bourne
Best Buy – Lenticular Packaging
Target – 3-Disc Set
Common – 4K Blu-ray
Common – Standard Blu-ray

Bourne: The Ultimate Collection
Best Buy – 4K Edition
Common – Standard Blu-ray

Also out today: Bourne again in 4K–
The Bourne Identity 4K
The Bourne Supremacy 4K
The Bourne Ultimatum 4K
The Bourne Legacy 4K

Secret Life Of Pets
Target – Steelbook
Wal-Mart – w/toys
Common – 4K Blu-ray
Common – Standard Blu-ray


Code Red DVD (12/3)
The Dead Are Alive
The Electric Chair
The Headless Eyes
Hide and Go Shriek
Savage Attraction
The Jigsaw Murders

Disney Movie Club
The Strongest Man in the World

HorrorPack – Late Night Double Feature LE
Common – Late Night Double Feature

Retromedia via Amazon
The Alien Dead

Ronin Flix (Code Red DVD, Scorpion Releasing)
Don’t Go in the House – LE of 1500


Howards End

The Exterminating Angel
Heart of a Dog

Dark Sky
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Film Movement
The Quiet Earth

Flicker Alley
Children of Divorce

Kino / KL Studio Classics
The Frontier
The Neptune Factor
Porky’s II and III
Something For Everyone

Olive Films
Brazil (1944)
Cheers for Miss Bishop

Shout Factory & Scream Factory
“The Chinese Connection” [Fist Of Fury]
The Devil’s Dolls
“Fists Of Fury” [The Big Boss]
T.A.M.I. Show / The Big T.N.T. Show (12/2)

Warner Archive

Well Go USA
Call of Heroes
Phantasm Remastered
Phantasm V Ravager


For the Love of Spock
The Greasy Strangler (12/2)
Landfill Harmonic (12/2)

Gravitas Ventures
Better Off Single
Hero Of The Underworld
Olympic Pride – American Prejudice
The Strike


Bikini Warriors
Black Jack: The Movie
Dead Rising: Endgame
Fairy Tail: Part 22
Jungle Emperor
The Kawai Complex Guide To Manors & Hostel Behavior
Little Busters! EX
Ninja Slayer
Rurouni Kenshin Part 2: Kyoto Inferno
School Days
Show By Rock!!

More New on Blu

2016 World Series Champions: Chicago Cubs
Argo 4K
Attack on Titan: The Movie – Part 2
Goodfellas 4K
Greenleaf: Season 1
The Hollars
I Am Legend 4K
In Order of Disappearance
Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 1
Mad Max: Fury Road Black & Chrome
Mad Max: High Octane Collection
Never Open The Door
Ordinary World
Perfect Weapon
Prison Break: Season 1
Prison Break: Season 2
Prison Break: Season 3
Prison Break: Season 4
The Shannara Chronicles: Season 1
The Town 4K
WWE: True Story of Royal Rumble

COBRA Collector Out.

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