After four films that were quite well received by critics and fans alike, the fifth installment of the Ice Age series has received far more negative feedback than positive. What does this mean? Well, it still made a ton of money, so it probably means we’ll get to see another installment and a chance for the studio to turn around the critical impressions of where the the series has gone.

On the other hand, this parent thinks Collision Course is simply the next installment in the series. Tonally, it’s the same. Stylistically, it’s the same. And, as far as the quality of the story, it’s also par for the course. Complaining about this film while supporting the other sequels makes little sense, as they are all very equal in their ability to tell an interesting kids story that sticks to the Ice Age brand. In other words, if you (or your children, as it were) like the Ice Age series, Collision Course is certainly a worthwhile film to pick up for the family.

In this installment of the ongoing sagas of Scrat and The Herd. Scrat is still at it with his acorn and The Herd is trying to ward off impending extinction, by way of an asteroid. The regular hijinks ensue.

As a parent, I look at kids movies in one of two ways: 1. this is something I can watch repeatedly without getting sick, or, 2. this is fine for the kids, but no thanks. While my children love the Ice Age series, I see them primarily as the “not for parents” variety of kids movies. However, my kids respond a ton to these films, so with each new installment, I give the series another shot. With this film, I enjoyed the experience but it did not sway my opinion.

The Package

The 4K Ultra HD combo pack comes with the UHD Blu-ray, a standard Blu-ray, and a high-def ultraviolet code of the film, as well as the features below:

“Scrat: Spaced Out Mini-Movie”
“Ice Age: The Story So Far”
“Scratasia: Scrat’s Solo Adventures”
“Mysteries of the Scratazons”
“Star Signs of the Animal Kingdom”
“The Science of It All: deGrasse Tyson deBunks”
“Figaro Sing-along”

The Neil deGrasse Tyson feature is extremely interesting and the other features provided are all worth a watch. Overall, it’s a nice package of extras to accompany the film. You can also get the movie in DVD, traditional Blu-ray, and 3D Blu-ray editions.

Grab a copy for your family at Amazon today.

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Justin Harlan mostly watches kids movies because he has two toddlers who hog the Roku remote. When they go to sleep he occasionally has time to watch films that he wants to. His taste is often questionable according to Liam, but he's still good people.