The COBRA Connection – New Blu-ray Releases for Oct 25, 2016


Cult Of Blu-Ray Addicts
The COBRA Connection is the connection for your collection! A niche-focused listing of new and exclusive domestic (US) Blu-ray releases. There are a lot of sites out there that list the major new releases, but we’re more interested in more collectable fare such as retailer exclusives, boutique distributors, limited editions, and the “best” editions of any particular new release. We’re Blu-ray focused but may include the odd DVD. Links point to Amazon where applicable or retailer/distributor websites as needed.

A couple of major collectible box sets lead off the week’s releases. The films of Herschell Gordon Lewis arrive in a huge box set form Arrow Video, while Amazon gets the early jump on the Mad Max franchise set featuring all 4 films, plus the “Black & Chrome” and 4K editions of Fury Road.

Other releases of interest include Private Property, Manhattan Baby, Burial Ground, Exorcist III, Hobgoblins, Men & Chicken, Night Of The Grizzly, The Quiet Man, Deathrow Gameshow, Captain Fantastic
Nerve, Skiptrace, Mr. Church, Street Fighter II, and a trio of Linnea Quigley features.

See something missing? Thoughts on the column or format? Hit us up in the comments!


Hunter × Hunter: Set 1
Best Buy – Steelbook
Common – Standard Edition


WB 4K Bundle- BvS: Dawn of Justice / Mad Max: Fury Road / San Andreas
Mad Max: High Octane Collection w/Interceptor (Timed Exclusive Through 12/6) – Mad Max / 2 / Beyond Thunderdome / Fury Road 4K / Fury Road Black & Chrome

Arrow Video
The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast – LE of 2500

Disney Movie Club
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas


Blue Underground
Manhattan Baby (includes CD Soundtrack)

Private Property

The Executioner [El verdugo]

Drafthouse Films
Men & Chicken [Mænd & høns]

Film Detective

Film Movement
Vampire Ecstasy / Sin You Sinners

Kino / KL Studio Classics
Boy On A Dolphin
Wolf Lake

Olive Signature
Night Of The Grizzly
The Quiet Man

Severin & InterVision
Burial Ground
The Killing Of America

Shout Factory & Scream Factory
The Exorcist III

Vinegar Syndrome
Deathrow Gameshow
Murder Weapon / Deadly Embrace
Nightmare Sisters


Sony Burial Ground
Hunt for the Wilderpeople


In Search of the Lost Future: Complete Series
Juden Chan Recharged: Complete Collection
Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo x
Owarimonogatari – [Vol 2 on the way]
The Perfect Insider: Complete Collection
Street Fighter II

More New on Blu

Captain Fantastic[Review]
The Id
The Last Film Festival
Mr. Church
Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You
Skiptrace[Blu-ray Review]

COBRA Collector Out.

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