MONDO Presents Home: New Works by Jason Edmiston & Ken Taylor

In Austin, Texas on October 21, mere hours before MondoCon, Mondo introduced their newest gallery – “Home: New Works by Jason Edmonton & Ken Taylor.”

“What is MondoCon” you might ask? It’s a convention gathering all the artists Mondo works with, equipping them with booths, and putting them all within walking distance. Not to mention the panels, screenings, and beer. This gallery show kicks off the MondoCon weekend (to follow along with coverage, check this link!).

All the artwork from the show is directly below. Check back with Cinapse for Mondo’s next gallery show – each time we’ll show you the posters right when the gallery opens!

More info about Home direct from Mondo themselves:

We’re thrilled to welcome the incredibly talented Jason Edmiston and Ken Taylor to the Mondo Gallery for their show, “Home.” The show will kick off MondoCon 3 weekend and opens on Friday, October 21st. The exhibit will feature an expansive collection of original pieces, along with a few posters, focused around houses, architecture, and place.

“Jason Edmiston and Ken Taylor are two of our favorite painters, so getting them together into one show is kind of a dream come true. Plus, it’s one night before MondoCon, adding to the already crazy atmosphere. I can’t wait,” said Mondo Creative Director Mitch Putnam.

The opening reception will be from 7-10PM on October 21st, and is free and open to the public. You do not need a MondoCon wristband to attend. The show runs from October 21th – November 5th.

“With the new gallery show, I wanted to challenge myself. My comfort zone obviously lies in portraiture, but I wanted an incentive to broaden my abilities while staying true to subjects I adore. Last spring I pondered what to tackle for Mondo Gallery’s House Party group show. Mondo’s art guru, Mitch Putnam, suggested painting a series of small, monochromatic horror houses. Normally this type of subject only gets a secondary focus in my work when it appears at all, like the cabins in my Hateful Eight or Evil Dead posters. I really enjoyed trying to give the same dramatic expression to these structures that the human element normally carries. For this show, I expanded the concept by tackling a wide variety of houses or what could essentially be considered homes from well known horror properties using a punch of red to highlight a significant element.

Because of the intense details required in rendering architecture, I’m sharing the show with my friend Ken Taylor, known for rendering elaborate architecturally heavy scenes. His posters for Beetlejuice, An American Werewolf in London and Fight Club are among my favorites. I hoped having a two-person show with an artist I immensely respect and admire would push me harder and further than normal. I feel our styles compliment each other, and we have the same passion for the chosen subjects. I’m very proud of the shared final results,” said Jason Edmiston.

“Being part of this show with someone as masterful as Jason is both an honor and absolute terror. I am a huge fan of his work, and sharing the stage with him really pushed me to my absolute limits. It’s been a great learning experience and thoroughly enjoyable to indulge my love of painting and traditional pen and ink illustration alongside a screenprint or two. Hopefully people dig the show as much as we do!” said Ken Taylor.

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