Austin: Free Advanced Screening of BLAIR WITCH

There’s no question that The Blair Witch Project left an enormous impact on the horror genre. It popularized the “found footage” concept and capitalized on one of the most innovative, interactive, and “viral” marketing campaigns in recent history to become a smash hit.

In a thrilling and decidedly meta move, this Blair Witch reboot was made in secret and was only recently revealed to be a new addition to the “Blair Witch Cinematic Universe”. Between the sly production and the attachment of fan (and Cinapse) favorites Adam Wingard directing and Simon Barrett writing, this is a must see.

We’ve got 50 first come/first serve passes (each good for an entry for 2) to give away! Once they’re gone… they’re gone! So scoop them up quick. Screening and entry details are below.

What: Free advanced promotional screening of BLAIR WITCH!
When: Tuesday, September 13th at 7:30pm (Make sure to arrive very early)
Where: Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar

To get your free pass:

While supplies last, visit, then enter the code CINAPSEBW.

Please note passes do not guarantee entry. Advance screenings are typically overbooked to ensure a good crowd, so plan to arrive early.

Synopsis: It’s been 20 years since James’s sister and her two friends vanished into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland while researching the legend of the Blair Witch, leaving a trail of theories and suspicions in their wake.

Cast: James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Valorie Curry, Corbin Reid, Wes Robinson
Directed by: Adam Wingard
Screenplay by: Simon Barrett
Release Date: September 16th, 2016

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