Wait, ALLEGIANT is Not the Final DIVERGENT Film?

I walked out of my experience with Allegiant with that lukewarm feeling that far too many Hollywood pictures leave me with. You know the one? It’s that feeling where you don’t necessarily feel like you wasted the last 2 hours of your life, but you don’t feel like you really gain anything. As I logged the film into my Letterboxd account, I noted, “A decent end to a decent series.” My wife and I agreed that it was okay, but the series got worse with each installment and we’d be unlikely to revisit any other than the first, with that one even being only slightly above average.

Then, I sat down to start writing about the film and quickly realized that it was not the final film. The Divergent series had decided to pull a Harry Potter or a Hunger Games and break the final book into two films. However, when I began to think about it, I wondered what the hell could come next. This film felt like the end and I can’t quite figure where there is left to go from here.

It seems that where it’s going from here is to television screens. As the film has performed very poorly, the plans have shifted for the final chapter of the (mediocre) saga. A television movie is likely in the works, with hopes of it being a longer form pilot for a spin off television series. The spinoff seems like a horrible idea, though moving the film to TV as a method of completing the story seems like an okay idea, inasmuch as it saves the studio money and future box office failure.

This conversational discussion of the film, in which I seem to be attacking the film, is a bit misleading. I actually enjoyed some of the film a good amount. The performances were certainly not awful and the implications of the decisions being made in this dystopian future are worth contemplating. The film just doesn’t live up to its potential. Sadly, the same can be said about every installment of the series. This one, however, is the least effective entry of the trio.


I still leave you, the reader, with a recommendation to check it out if you’re are somewhat of a young adult science fiction completist like myself. It may be best viewed in the background while getting a few chores done, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be viewed. There are some fun visuals and some ideas that may be worth discussion. But that said, ensure you enter a viewing with low expectations or you may find yourself having a disappointing experience.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant is just another film to watch now and forget about tomorrow. If you have time to focus true attention on a film, choose something better. Putting this experience off a day or 365 certainly won’t cause irreparable harm.

Grab a copy for yourself at Amazon (with such a ringing endorsement, I can’t see how you can pass on this one)!

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