OFF-CENTERED FILM FESTIVAL 2016 – Austin Boat Party and TIME BANDITS Beer Feast with Dogfishhead Brewery & Alamo Drafthouse

The Off-Centered Film Festival has came and gone.

The 2016 edition differed from its predecessors by taking trips to Dallas and Houston in addition to its traditional home here in Austin. Reports were that the on the road adventures were warmly embraced by the rest of the Lone Star state, but I’m here to follow up on the day of debauchery here in Austin. Oh Uber and Lyft, how you were needed.


The GOP may deny climate change, but we’re believers here in Austin; a perspective reinforced by the havoc wrought by weather patterns the last few weeks. The erratic Texas weather dampened everything but the spirits of those on board for OCFF 2016 Boat Party, largely thanks to Dogfish and their free flowing fine beverages, tasty foods from Easy Tiger and Antonelli’s Cheese shop, and happening tunes from DJ GrossYall.


The Alamo Drafthouse hosts beer dinners all year round. Check them out. They’re joyous things. But the one time a year they use the term “feast” is for the OCFF event, and you’ll see below why. Last year’s The Life Aquatic feast set a very high bar. This year’s medieval festival theme led to the selection of the brilliant Terry Gilliam film Time Bandits. A quirky romp featuring a motley crew looting through the ages featuring Sean Connery readopting his Zardoz getup as Greek King Agamemnon, the magnificent David Warner as Evil, Forty-three species of parrots, and the greatest incarnation of Robin Hood to ever grace our screens courtesy of John Cleese. FEAST (pun intended) your eyes on the banquet that awaited us.

Shaved Country Ham, Aged Cheddar, House Pickles, Aioli, 60 Minute IPA Beer Bread.
Paired with Squall IPA & Indian Brown Ale

Brandied Liver Pate, Orange-Apricot Chutney, Cipollini Onion, Watercress, Chive Pate a Choux.
Paired with Romantic Chemistry & Oak Aged Noble Rot

Rosemary Beef Tenderloin, Cherry Demi-glace, Leek-Parsnip Bubble & Squeak Cake.
Paired with Immort Ale & 90 Minute IPA Randalled (lovely punnery) with Rosemary

Genoise, Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Fresh Berries, “Concentrated Evil” Chocolate Ganache.
Paired with Bitches Brew & Higher Math

I have it on good authority that the vegetarian option was equally as tasty as what was laid out before me, a ravenous meat eater. A hell of a spread and a damn fine crowd of people both putting the event together and in attendance. Bring on OCFF 2017!

Photo credit: Heather Kennedy, HLF Fotos.

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