Leon Corcos, Eric Bresler, Victor Wong, and Cinedelphia

In the latest episode of The Farsighted, I got to interview two great people from the world of film. The first, a former indie director turned Hollywood producer, Leon Corcos, directed the one and only Victor Wong (the latest object of Justin’s affection) in a weird fantasy/horror/comedy/who-knows-what called The Devil Takes a Holiday (watch the whole film on YouTube below).

The second interview is with Eric Bresler of PhilaMOCA and the Cinedelphia Film Fest. The festival is underway, so Philly area folks need to go check it out.

Listen to the podcast below (originally posted on The Farsighted):

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Justin Harlan mostly watches kids movies because he has two toddlers who hog the Roku remote. When they go to sleep he occasionally has time to watch films that he wants to. His taste is often questionable according to Liam, but he's still good people.