Contest: THE DEAD NEXT DOOR Ultimate Giveaway!

This contest has ended, and the winners contacted and prizes sent. Thanks to all our contestants!

If you read Austin’s review yesterday, then you saw that the new Blu-ray edition of The Dead Next Door is one of the coolest and most feature-packed releases we’re ever reviewed. The disc has a staggering FOUR different versions of the film, an expanded CD soundtrack, and extras for miles.

I asked director (and self-distributor, this is indie stuff, ya know) J. R. Bookwalter if he’d be interested in giving away a Blu-ray to a Cinapse reader. His answer blew us away. This is not a Blu-ray giveaway. This can only be called…

The Dead Next Door Ultimate Giveaway!

One lucky ULTIMATE winner will receive:

  • The Dead Next Door Blu-ray – The Limited Edition, Signed, 3-Disc set including Expanded Soundtrack
  • The Dead Next Door VHX digital edition
  • A folded theatrical poster
  • A totally bitchin’ ZOMBIE SQUAD patch, just like they wear in the movie!
  • ZOMBIE SQUAD stickers to adorn your ride, or to mark known zombie hangouts!

But wait, there’s more!

One NEXT DOOR runner-up will receive:

  • The Dead Next Door VHX digital edition
  • ZOMBIE SQUAD patch and stickers!


The Rules
There are 2 ways to enter, and yes, you can do both to double your chances!*

1. YOU’VE TURNED INTO A ZOMBIE. WHAT DO YOU DO NOW? Give us your answer in the comments below! Include your Twitter handle or e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.

2. Follow @CinapseNews on Twitter and retweet this tweet:

* US Residents only due to shipping expenses. Sorry, international friends!

Huge thanks go out to J. R. for his generosity in donating these terrific prizes. You can follow him on Twitter as well as his distributor, Tempe Entertainment.

The Dead Next Door Ultimate Edition is now available from Tempe Video and you should absolutely go buy it!

If you’re visiting us for the first time for the giveaway, please stick around for honest film and TV reviews and more great contests!

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  • Harrison Duckett

    Thriller? (Twitter: @xduckettx)

  • Eric Spudic

    I would hunt down my enemies and eat them first!

  • horrorhell

    I would eat as many people as possible in order to increase the ranks of the undead in an effort to over take the planet.

  • Chuck Conry

    I’d make sure to find my ex girlfriend and her jerk mother and bite them first! Twitter is @chuckconry

  • Je Lorene

    I would “finally” do porn.

  • steve

    I find everyone who has ever done me wrong and take a chunk for me

  • That Jaime

    Eat every member of the NRA and groups against Planned Parenthood. My head would be bulletproof, right? – @jaimeburchardt

  • Chris Long

    Eat every politician so all zombies can fully live

  • Stephen Gulik

    I would form the NAADP and fight for the rights of my new brothers. Or shamble. Probably just shamble.

  • Derek Smith

    I would test to see if my undead hunger could be sated by fried chicken. And if not, I’d snack on some KFC employees. @darathus

  • seth

    I’d go get bbq and eat the pitmaster!
    twitter- celluloidterror

  • Michael Alan Fitzgerald

    If I were a Zombie, I’d find Uwe Boll, ’cause judging by HOUSE OF THE DEAD he’s no idea what a zombie is. @MikeAFitzgerald

  • Billy Sparks

    Thriller Dance flash mob! @Billy_FFPC

  • Devan

    I’d stagger over to LA, get some headshots done (not the kind involving guns!) and corner the market on undead acting in horror films/tv. Worst case scenario: I eat any casting director(s) who refuse to hire me. Method!
    Twitter – ddysphoria337
    Email –

  • Josh Obershaw

    If I turned into a zombie, you’d probably see me wandering aimlessly around a record store. Pretty much what I do when I’m alive, anyways.
    Twitter: @DoctorSplatter

  • bill norris

    Hunt….but I’ll be stupid about it and just follow everyone else around looking for brains. @bnchile4444

  • Yusuf Nasrullah

    Eat the brains out of Ted Cruz…oh, wait, it’s only rotten pulp in that head!

  • Ira Rott

    I would probably get stuck, endlessly pushing against a door that says pull.

  • David H.

    I think I would probably find and eat everyone who bullied me in all throughout middle school and high school. It would be a few bullies in the world.

  • Bernie Wallace

    I would eat brains if I turned into a zombie. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. @BWallace1980

  • Ronald Oliver

    I would audition for a role on The Walking Dead TV series! If I’m a zombie, I may as well try and get a great salary for being one, right? I mean zombies are quite popular these days! Why not try and make a good living for being one!

  • Once I become a zombie, I’d already be in the medical field performing autopsies, and every so often I’d try a piece of the victims’ brain in different styles using my culinary skills.
    rothsothy [at] gmail .com