Mondo Gallery Departs From the Norm: No Pop Culture Allowed

Normally we wouldn’t do this.

Cinapse was founded on the idea of concentrating on movies and television and to be advocates for those media, whatever that entails. So the reason why we cover Mondo Gallery shows (besides the fact that they’re fun) is that they celebrate film and television.

But this time Mondo has done something different – they’ve put together a whole gallery show based on… nothing. In fact, no pop culture is allowed. It’s just their stable of artists exploring whatever interests them, as long as it’s not related to pop culture.

As for our mission of advocating for film and television, well… just look at the gallery below, and I’m sure you won’t blame us for deviating from our mission just slightly.

From the press release:

Press Release
Mondo is doing something unprecedented at its gallery for its next event, “Originals: A Fine Art Show.” Having established a stunning legacy of shows for some of the world’s most beloved pop culture figures – Disney characters, Marvel superheroes, Universal Monsters, Game of Thrones, Cinematic Villains, Batman – the gallery now turns to the artists themselves, unleashed to produce original works of art and screen prints with complete artistic freedom. “Originals: A Fine Art Show” will open on Friday, November 13 and run until Saturday, December 5 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX.

Mondo loves movies, comics, TV and it has equal passion for the artists that produce highly coveted, gorgeous works of art that fans cherish as beautiful representations of the pop culture things they love. These artists’ imaginations know no bounds, however, and for this show the gallery has set them loose to create anything they want with only one rule – no pop culture allowed. The result is one of the strongest lineups of art the gallery has ever produced.

All the artwork is below. Check back with Cinapse for Mondo’s next gallery show – each time we’ll show you the art right when the gallery opens!

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