A Conversation With Alex Winter On His Career In Filmmaking [AUDIO!]

Alex Winter (yes… Bill from Bill And Ted) is in Austin, TX this Wednesday, the 26th of August, to present his latest documentary, Deep Web. The film, showing at the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE (South Lamar Location), explores the legal ramifications faced by Ross William Ulbricht who may, or may not, be the creator of Silk Road. Since his days of acting some of the biggest movies of the late 80s and early 90s, it seems Winter has become a rather successful documentarian.

…but we mostly wanted to talk to him about his insane 1993 comedy, Freaked.

Also showing at DRAFTHOUSE the same night, Winter will be in attendance for a follow-up Freaked Q & A! It should be quite the night of insightful cinema, so you should all go get your tickets just as soon as you’ve listened to our little interview.

Co-host of the upcoming movie podcast, The Underemployed Cinema Major, Austin Filmmaker and musician John Valley was fortunate enough to score a “Winterview” with the director yesterday. Winter shares a surprising perspective on his life in show business, and gives us so much to look forward to in the future of his career.

Catch more discussion of cinema at Slaughtertime when Ryan Lewellen and John Valley discuss the work of M. Night Shyamalan on September 10th, for the inaugural episode of The Underemployed Cinema Major Podcast.

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