Cinapse Weekly Roundup – Third Week of January, 2015


CINAPSE Weekly Roundup – January 17th, 2015
Deluged by the plethora of awesome content the Cinapse family provides each week? Worried you missed something? Never fear, each Saturday our Weekly Roundup will show you a little glimpse of the week’s highlights, our most popular posts, new releases, column updates and anything that has provoked a response from internet trolls on up to insightful feedback and discussion.

THEATRICAL RELEASESThe biggest question for this week’s new releases is whether Michael Mann figures out a way to use blue neon in his new film Blackhat. It’s really hard to be sure; in the meantime check out Ed’s review here of Mann’s mashup of Swordfish with Thor.

We have a bit of a sneak peek at a film this week from our British correspondent James with his review of British war drama Kajaki. Also, we have a look at Neeson’s last outing with his particular set of skills in Tak3n. If horrific animatronic babies are your thing, read our review of American Sniper, and see what Clint Eastwood has been up to since he stopped shouting at empty chairs.

FEATURESOne of the more controversial omissions from this year’s Best Director category is Ava DuVernay for Selma. The film has brought some controversy with its depictions of certain characters and other elements of this time. Malachi offers up an editorial on the subject.

Finally, reeling from the lack of a Oscar nomination for The Lego Movie in best animated feature category, we all dusted ourselves off and composed ourselves to put together a new Knee Jerks column with much of the team reflecting on this year’s nominee lineup. To complement that, we’ve also assembled a Top 10 of 2014 list with several members of the Cinapse crew contributing. Check that out here.

COLUMNSTwo Cents this week wanders back to an early work from the magnificent Coen brothers with Barton Fink.

Meanwhile Jordan revisits the attempts of Tom Hanks to wear his actor, writer, AND director hats all at the same time! That Thing You Do! is our Pick of the Week.

PODCASTSJordan is back with Riding in Cars with Boy(s) and looks at The Wedding Ringer. Poor bastard. Those Cinepunx rascals are also back with a look back at 2014; that’s right here.

TV RECAPThose Girls are back! And so are Rhea and Victor with their splendid recaps. This week the show hits heights of uncomfortableness on a par with The Office… British version, of course. That Marnie.

HOME VIDEO RELEASESHome video overload this week! There’s something for everybody. New from Fox is 80s classic Working Girl. Other classic releases include The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and The Fortune. Some horror comes our way with Nazi Zombies and the more subtle but surprisingly good Honeymoon.

Also we have Blu-ray coverage of Supernova, Revenge of the Green Dragons, The Longest Week, and The Two Faces of January. Last but not least, COBRA Club is here with a rundown of some of this week’s more limited releases.

Everything is awesome…except the nominations for best animated picture!

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