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We dig trailers and Trailer Roundup brings you a selection that are either highly anticipated, interesting for discussion, or simply look awesome to us. The intent here at Cinapse isn’t to bring the newest, quickest, most hot-off-the-presses stuff, but simply to highlight what has come out recently (whether large or small) and to discuss what we’re digging and not digging. And unlike much of the (often soul-crushing) marketing machine that grinds on and on in Hollywood, the trailer remains a promotional tool that can be art in and of itself, and is often the best indicator of tone, scope, and style for an upcoming feature. Let us know what you think about these trailers!

There’s some lower profile trailers this week, but no less fascinating than giant mega-blockbusters. I mean, come on… Raging Bull 2?!


You know you are curious. You want to click play and see this trailer. You feel your resistance waning…


Okay, so The Bronx Bull really looks like a direct to video boxing movie filled with a bunch of “name” actors who probably reside a few letters south of the “A” list. But honestly, if it wasn’t originally intended to be a direct sequel to Raging Bull, would anyone be taking any particular note of this production one way or the other? I doubt it. It certainly doesn’t look conventionally “good”, but probably no one would suggest it looks like the worst movie ever made if not comparing it to its Scorsese-directed predecessor. And hey, I do love me some William Forsythe and I’d probably take him over 2014 DeNiro if I had to choose.

I’m not really sure when The Bronx Bull will be widely available to see as I can’t find a solid release date anywhere, but try to keep your swollen-closed eyes open for it’s release.



The trailer below is selling The Two Faces Of January with some of the following connections: “From the producers of Tinker Tailor Solider Spy”, “from the author of The Talented Mr. Ripley”, and “from the writer of Drive”. And you know what? Those are some pretty good selling points. And that is before you get around to the cast:


I am entirely fascinated by Viggo Mortensen’s post-LOTR career and I think he’s carved out a real name for himself. And if you are paying attention, Kirsten Dunst has done much of the same in her [pre- and] post-Spider-man career. While those two have come off of giant franchises, Oscar Isaac couldn’t be hotter right now if he tried, even if his career has still largely been in supporting roles and critical darlings versus giant, mainstream hits. And to clarify those above selling points a little bit, this is written and directed by Drive writer Hossein Amini.

Are you intrigued by this period-set, love-triangle, international thriller?

The Two Faces Of January both seduce you on iTunes/OnDemand on August 28, 2014 and in theaters September 26, 2014.


I can’t deny a certain level of school boy crush that I have on indie darling Brit Marling. And it doesn’t hurt that she keeps being a part of thoughtful, indie sci-fi films, which I’m always inclined to check out. Here in I Origins she is reteaming with her Another Earth director Mike Cahill for a sci-fi project starring Michael Pitt.


This trailer is interesting in that the first half looks fairly wince-inducing and treacly, but the second half opens up some intriguing mystery and exciting visuals. I’m always up for a good “science versus faith” debate as long as it is interesting and thought-provoking. So while the eye fixation and love story angle of the first half of this trailer feels questionable, the direction that appears to go in could be really interesting. I found Another Earth to be pretty thoughtful and engaging, even if Marling’s best starrer to date is still Sound Of My Voice, so I’m willing to bet I Origins will be worth a watch.

Do you think the intriguing elements of this I Origins trailer will win out over the tone of the initial set up?

I Origins will have a chance to hit each of your unique eyeball patterns in theaters this Fall!

And I’m Out.

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