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We dig trailers and hope to bring you a regular selection which are either highly anticipated, interesting for discussion, or simply look awesome to us. The intent here at Cinapse isn’t to bring the newest, quickest, most hot-off-the-presses stuff, but simply to highlight what has come out recently (whether large or small) and to discuss what we’re digging and not digging. On top of that, unlike much of the (often soul-crushing) marketing machine that grinds on and on in Hollywood, the trailer is one of the only promotional tools that can be art in and of themselves. Let us know what you think about these trailers in the comments section below!


ENDER’S GAME has been in development for what seems like forever. And I don’t mean this particular iteration of the film. I mean I’ve been hearing rumors of a film adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s novel since I read it over 10 years ago! Having read it, once (and way back when), I have to say that I’m really excited about what this trailer is showing us. Check it out and I’ll talk more afterwards:

What do you think? That cast looks prestigious and pretty spot-on in my estimation. I’m sure Asa Butterfield will hold his own and I loved Hailee Steinfeld in TRUE GRIT. The wild card for me is Harrison Ford, oddly enough. I want this to be a great, iconic Ford performance unlike anything we’ve seen from him in many years.

The music feels a little “samey” and could be interchanged with just about any other modern blockbuster trailer’s music. (Editor’s note: I doubt it is the actual film’s score and is just a temp score – the vast majority of teaser trailers do this, teasers are also known as the less than two minute trailer that comes out first) But the visuals look stunning and I can’t wait to see the zero gravity training sequences (which are one of the only things I remember from the book and always felt would translate well to the big screen.) So I’m excited and believe writer/director Gavin Hood (TSOTSI) has more up his sleeve than he was able to display with that dreadful WOLVERINE film.

ENDER’S GAME hits theaters 11/1/2013.


Sweet Mary Mother Of God! A trailer for GRAVITY has finally hit and it is breathtaking. Watch it!

Alfonso Cuaron is one of the most exciting filmmakers in the world right now. He wrote and directed this thing and Emmanuel Lubezki did the camera work. So the craftsmanship on display here will be top notch. If they can perform the miracle of making me fall in love with a movie starring Sandra Bullock, then that will be most impressive indeed. Rumors are that George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are the only two actors in the entire film. And if this trailer is any indication, we are in for a panic inducing journey into the vacuum of space. That final shot of the astronaut reaching for the ship and JUST missing their grip has me feeling a little uneasy and I might need some water and a few deep breaths.

GRAVITY hits theaters 10/18/2013. H/T: AICN


I hadn’t heard much-to-anything about this film when I saw the trailer via a studio press release. And wow, this looks like a pulse-pounding international thriller set amidst the modern day world of piracy on the high seas. See what you think:

I really like the subject matter here, and hope that the corporation’s handling of the situation is an equal part of the story to what actually goes down on the boat itself. This could be a great film or just a solid international thriller with real world inspirations. Well, I guess it could also be total crap. But I doubt that as the trailer at least sells strong visuals, performances, and some interesting ideas. Here’s the official plot synopsis:

Synopsis: The cargo ship MV Rozen is heading for harbour when it is hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. Amongst the men on board are the ship’s cook Mikkel (Pilou Asbæk) and the engineer Jan (Roland Møller), who along with the rest of the seamen are taken hostage in a cynical game of life and death. With the demand for a ransom of millions of dollars a psychological drama unfolds between the CEO of the shipping company (Søren Malling) and the Somali pirates.

A HIJACKING hits theaters 6/21/2013.


I got a chance to see PRINCE AVALANCHE at SXSW this year and had a total blast with it. The reaction was somewhat mixed amongst my peers, though (Editor’s note: I loved it and you can read my review here). I’ll happily encourage you all to check out David Gordon Green’s latest. But more after you get a chance to watch:

This is an incredibly intimate film with a ridiculously small cast. And the whole cast is marvelous. What this trailer is selling is a bit of an oddball comedy reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film. But that isn’t really what the movie is. So I’d actually say I’m not a huge fan of this trailer because I think the movie is much more than what this is trying to convince you to lay down your cash for.

Paul Rudd is the dramatic core of the film and Emile Hirsch probably has a bit more comedy to play with in his role. Set in Texas after ravaging wild fires in the 1980s, the cinematography and score are really special and set this movie apart as a somewhat meditative comedy. I heartily recommend this one, especially if you were a fan of David Gordon Green’s earlier work and haven’t been excited about his stoner comedy phase.

The official synopsis: An odd couple of sorts, meditative and stern Alvin and his girlfriend’s brother, Lance, dopey and insecure, leave the city behind to spend the summer in solitude repainting traffic lines down the center of a country highway ravaged by wildfire. As they sink into their job in the remarkable landscape, they learn more than they want to about each other and their own limitations. An unlikely friendship develops through humor and nasty exchanges, leading to surprising affection. Adapted from Icelandic film Either Way, Prince Avalanche is driven by wonderful performances by Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch, and Lance LeGault. Writer/director David Gordon Green gets back to his independent roots with this character study, which shows his knack for realistically capturing people and finding meaning in their lives and dreams. With a soundtrack by Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo and gorgeous cinematography by Tim Orr, Prince Avalanche bucks convention by exploring male bonding in a refreshingly genuine way.

PRINCE AVALANCHE hits theaters and VOD simultaneously on 8/9/2013.


Edgar Wright directing, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost starring. We’re all in, so what else is there to say?

Okay, I do have a couple of things to say. First off… I love SCOTT PILGRIM to death and feel like the kinetic energy and style of that film is being carried over here. I think Edgar Wright has become a more crafty filmmaker as he has matured and this very well could be his best yet. I dig the INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS vibe here, but also love that we still have NO IDEA what is really going on with the sci-fi elements by the end of this trailer. Wright and Co have been teasing us with the premise of this film, but now we have a trailer and we still know next to nothing… which is just the way I like it and wish studios would do this more often!

THE WORLD’S END hits theaters 10/25/2013… which makes it A) A Halloween movie and B) ENTIRELY too far from now for my liking.

Let us know how you are feeling about these trailers in the comments section!

And I’m Out.

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